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Document storage: where and how should you store your will?

Updated: Mar 29

Your will is an extremely important document and it should be stored in a safe place. Ferraro & Singh Lawyers can store your original Will, and other important documents, free of charge.

Our storage service assists your executors to easily locate your original documents, including your will, after your death. 

We recommend to our clients that all important documents are not personally held and instead are stored in a safe and secure location. Your will is your voice after death and it is important to keep it safe.

What happens if I lose my original will during my lifetime?

If your will was prepared by Ferraro and Singh Lawyers, we can organise a time for you to sign your will again. Assuming no amendments are required to the original version, this is a service that we offer you free of free.

If your will was prepared by another solicitor, our estate planning team will need to prepare a new will for you, considering your current circumstances. 

What if my will can’t be found after my death?

If your will is lost while in your possession, there is a presumption that you have destroyed and revoked your will, even if you haven’t! In this instance, your last Will is no longer valid.

While your executor can apply to the Court for a grant of a copy of your will, this process requires detailed evidence. If the Court is not satisfied by the evidence, it is likely that your estate will be distributed according to the laws of intestacy. This may not be how you would like to divide your assets after your death.

Where should you store your will?

We can store your original will, even if the documents were not prepared by Ferraro & Singh Lawyers.

Your original documents will still be available to you at any time upon request.

We also offer the service of providing you with hard and/or electronic copies of your documents so that they are on hand whenever you need them.

To store an original document with our office, contact our reception on (03) 9311 8911.

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