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Meticulous, is the first impression you will have of Nagisa, our conveyancer. Meticulous is one of the most important qualities a conveyancer can have to assist with the sale and purchase of property. This quality in Nagisa shines through from the moment you meet her and carries itself all the way through to the settlement of your matter.

Nagisa is completely unafraid of taking on highly complex conveyancing matters. Nagisa thrives under pressure and takes on any type of conveyance with enthusiasm. 


Prior to joining our team, Nagisa worked as a paralegal for a boutique law firm in Brisbane, QLD for approximately 8 years. 


Throughout her career, Nagisa has focused her experience in immigration law, commercial law and property law.

Nagisa accomplished her LL.B in Japan and a Graduate Certificate at Griffith University in Australia. Impressively, Nagisa is currently working full-time and is undertaking her JD at Deakin University. 


Nagisa holds an Affiliate Financial Planning licence in Japan. Nagisa also worked in one of Japan's largest finance companies before moving to Australia. 

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