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  • Gabriella Ferraro

Christmas - the most wonderful time of the year?

Written by Gabriella Ferraro

Christmas is typically a joyful time for families, however, it can also be a very hard time for separated families and children.

Typically, when negotiating parenting arrangements, parents will agree to split the time between the school holidays but forget to discuss special holidays such as Christmas and Easter. This is important so that everyone can enjoy a smooth holiday season!

Our office encourages parents to freely communicate with each other and plan for these events before the day, making the season less stressful for all involved.

An example of a parenting arrangement that could work over the Christmas period may be:

  • one parent spends from 4 pm on Christmas Eve to 4 pm on Christmas Day, allowing them proper time to celebrate the morning and lunchtime with family and the children, and

  • the other parent spend from 4 pm on Christmas Day to 4 pm on Boxing Day, with usual living arrangements to recommence from 4 pm on Boxing Day.

This arrangement would then alternate for the following year to ensure children have the opportunity to experience both the Christmas morning and/or night with each of their parents.

Other TIPS for handling the Christmas holidays –

  1. Avoid fighting in front of the children, especially at changeover.

  2. Do not prevent your children from contacting the other parent.

  3. Communicate and be flexible.

  4. The most important thing to remember is that Christmas is a time for your children!

If you would like to discuss or review your parenting arrangements before the Christmas break, please contact our office to make an appointment.

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