Dannielle joined Ferraro & Company Pty Ltd in 2021 as a young solicitor. Dannielle has an innate sense of justice and thrives when helping others. She understands how difficult, and often devastating, complex legal matters can be. Dannielle's emphatic engagement with her clients is what makes them feel secure and taken care of right from the initial consultation. 

Dannielle stops at nothing to ensure the best interests of her clients are prioritised and considered. She believes that it is possible to get the best result for her clients while taking a calm, kind and sympathetic approach; however, Dannielle is not afraid to be firm and tough when necessary. 

Dannielle is a guiding light to her clients, helping them find the right solutions for their particular circumstances. She is not going to make your decisions for you, rather, she is going to present you your options and recommend the option she feels best helps you reach your goals. 


Despite an already busy workload, Dannielle is also responsible for assisting senior solicitors across all matters and works hard to uphold and provide a high level of service in all areas of the practice.